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I do not have availability for new therapy clients at this time and I do not have a waitlist. 

One free resource I offer is a biweekly email with tips, information, and special offers to help parents understand and support their gifted and twice-exceptional kids or teens. Sign up here.


My parent consultation services are also available to help parents feel more calm and confident supporting their gifted or twice-exceptional children or teens. Some parents who are seeking a therapist for their child or teen may also benefit from parent consultation. For example, parents in this situation may find it helpful to discuss options for their child's treatment, get support with difficult parenting situations related to their child's distress, or discuss other ways to support their child while seeking and starting therapy. 

If you are curious about whether parent consultation might be a good fit for your family, please read more about my consultation services on my consultation page. You can also schedule a free initial phone call with me so we can discuss your goals and whether consultation might be a good fit.

Individual Therapy

In individual therapy sessions, I help kids and teens develop coping skills, regulate their emotions, and foster a strong sense of self.  Kids and teens usually enjoy working with me and feel like I “get” them -- their experiences, struggles, and strengths.  I encourage my clients to explore their identity and develop age-appropriate decision-making skills.  My collaborative, strengths-based approach builds kids’ confidence and activates their intrinsic desire to grow and learn. 

Family Therapy & Parent Coaching

In family therapy and parent-focused sessions, I partner with caregivers to help them understand their child’s struggles in a new way, reduce parenting stress, and improve their parent-child relationships.  Parents appreciate my direct and empathic approach, which balances practical strategies and emotional support.  Parents report that they feel more confident in their parenting decisions, more coordinated with their parenting partners, and more compassionate with themselves and their children.  

My Approach

I use a relational, psychodynamic approach -- I focus on building a warm, connected relationship with each child, teen, and caregiver.  Within our relationship, I help each person explore new ways of being and of seeing themselves, their relationships, and the world.  I use a range of evidence-based practices, and I individualize my approach based on each client’s and family’s needs, styles, goals, and preferences.  I integrate cognitive-behavioral strategies, play therapy, parent and family support, and consultation with schools and other providers as needed.  


As a relational therapist, I welcome all aspects of my clients’ and families’ identities into our therapy work together.  I strive to understand each person’s unique combination of characteristics and help clients and families explore how others’ stereotypes or discrimination have affected them.  I help families, schools, and communities affirm clients’ identities and provide tailored support.

Special Interests

  • Giftedness and twice exceptionality

  • Reducing anxiety for children, teens, and parents

  • Working with teens who are reluctant to begin therapy

  • Helping parents feel calmer and more confident

  • Collaborating with teachers and school personnel

My practice affirms queer, non-binary, gender expansive, and LGBTQ+-identified youth and families.