Consultation for Families, Schools, & Other Providers

I offer consultation services and consultation packages focused on giftedness, twice exceptionality, anxiety, and parenting. I support and educate families, schools, and other providers so they can support their bright, twice-exceptional, and neurodiverse kids and teens.

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Individual Therapy for Children & Teens


In individual therapy sessions, I help kids and teens develop coping skills, regulate their emotions, and foster a strong sense of self.  Kids and teens usually enjoy working with me and feel like I “get” them.

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Family Therapy & Parent Coaching

In family therapy and parent-focused sessions, I partner with caregivers to help them understand their child’s struggles in a new way, reduce parenting stress, and improve their parent-child relationships.  Parents appreciate my direct and empathic approach.

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Speaking & Training

I teach graduate students, educators, mental health professionals, and other service providers about giftedness, twice-exceptionality, anxiety, parenting, and collaborative assessment. 

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