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I research giftedness, twice-exceptionality, assessment, intelligence, and the role of motivation and emotion in education.  I write about current research for 2e News, an online newsletter about twice-exceptionality with free subscriptions. If you'd like to be notified when I publish new articles or speak about my research, please sign up for my email updates at the bottom of this page.  

See me speak about my research on identifying gifted students with learning disabilities with Scott Barry Kaufman for the webcast series "Critical conversations about cognitive diversity" from Bridges 2e Media & the 2e Center for Research and Professional Development.

As a consultant, I use my research background and clinical training to help parents, educators, and other providers understand and support gifted, 2e, and neurodiverse kids and teens in new ways.  Check out my consultation page for details or request an appointment below.

Selected Publications

Recognizing and meeting the needs of 2e students, 2e News. What cognitive and achievement characteristics distinguish twice-exceptional students from gifted and typical peers? This article for parents and teachers is based on my 2020 article from Gifted Child Quarterly.

Gifted underachievers with undiagnosed ADHD, 2e News. Could undiagnosed ADHD be the cause of some gifted students' underachievement?  This article for parents and teachers is based on a 2020 research article from Gifted Child Quarterly by Betsy McCoach, Del Siegle, and Lisa DaVia Rubenstein.


The identification of gifted students who have a learning disability: A comparison of different diagnostic criteria, an article in Gifted Child Quarterly (2018). I discussed this article in my webcast conversation with Scott Barry Kaufman, here.

Families and schools, a book chapter written with Cindy Carlson and Kris Scardamalia for the APA Handbook of Contemporary Family Psychology: Applications and Broad Impact of Psychology.


Effects of cognitive abilities on child and youth academic achievement: Evidence from the WISC-V and WIAT-III, an article in Intelligence (2018) with Jackie Caemmerer, Tim Keith, & Matt Reynolds.

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