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Highlights from previous email updates

How Many Underachieving Gifted Students Have Undiagnosed ADHD?

Some gifted students are clearly bright but don’t do well in school. What keeps these children from performing in line with their apparent potential?  I recently wrote an article for 2eNews about a 2020 study in Gifted Child Quarterly by Betsy McCoach, Del Siegle, and Lisa DaVia Rubenstein.  The authors found that many gifted students who underachieve have significant difficulties with inattention.  You can read the article at 2eNews; subscriptions to 2eNews are free.

In the article, I connected this research to my clinical experiences:  "Unfortunately, teachers and parents may not be aware of common inattention symptoms associated with ADHD and may attribute these symptoms to other characteristics or willful behavior. In my experience as a therapist and assessment provider, parents and teachers have sometimes misinterpreted inattention symptoms as laziness, willful carelessness, low motivation, manipulation, or lying.  Such misunderstandings can cause significant stress or shame for the undiagnosed child and for their parents and teachers, who often care about the child and dislike their own frustration with the child’s behaviors.  Therefore, I agree with the authors that more education is needed to inform teachers and parents about common inattention symptoms and appropriate interventions."

As a consultant, I'm excited to support more parents as they consider an assessment for ADHD or make decisions following a new ADHD diagnosis.

Talented Tots: Free Parent & Caregiver Group

Hello subscribers!  I wanted to let you know about Talented Tots, a new free meeting for parents and caregivers I'll be facilitating once per month.


Do you or someone you know have a bright or talented kid between the ages of 1 and 5?  (You can check out this description if you’re not sure.)  Come discuss all the hilarity, exasperation, and joy of raising bright young kids with other parents and caregivers who get it!  This supportive community is a place to ask questions, share stories, meet new friends, and exchange tips and ideas.


All interested caregivers are welcome to join, and no commitment is necessary.  You can come to one, two, or all the meetings. Talented Tots is sponsored by the Minnesota Council for the Gifted and Talented (MCGT) and the CHOICES chapter, but you do not need to be an MCGT member or even live in Minnesota to participate!


Time: 8 - 9pm CST, first Thursday of the month